Monday, 11 June 2012

Transit of Venus

He had waited eight long
Lonely years for this special
Treat having missed his
Chance in 2004 due to
A mix-up over dates;
All of his equipment lay
Ready on the bed checked
And double checked, all
The straps correctly adjusted
Ready to slip on in darkness
Should the need arise; the
Weather was unpredictable
So he made sure his warm
Clothes were cleaned although
He would have enjoyed the encounter
Dressed as nature intended;
To spy on the object of his
Obsession ~ she would not
Utter any complaint at being
Photographed from every
Possible angle by middle-aged
Men although they were not
Allowed to look directly at her charms
For health and safety reasons
Many had been struck blind in the past
For giving in to that temptation
Soon it would be sunrise and he
Would poke his rigid tube out of
The attic window towards the
Eastern horizon where he hoped
For an hour of Venus on this
Auspicious Wednesday morning

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