Monday, 11 June 2012

Unforgettable Unforgotten

Treading gingerly down the shallow gravel slope
And easing into the welcoming current i know
The correct way to cross the river on foot;
After ensuring a boat free passage and
Fixing my gaze on the clump of reeds
On the far bank i navigate the zander-
Haunted crossing feeling swan mussels groan
Underfoot while my torso is washed clean by
Minnow winnowed eddies and glides
Each step towards the centre taking me
Deeper until i am almost floating forward
With just a tiny tiptoe touch on the riverbed
Then the boundary is crossed and steps
Become firmer as the water shallows
Until i am knee-deep at the far bank
With only a few nettles to overcome
Before i lie panting on the meadow
With a few bemused cows to congratulate me
On my epic fluvial adventure

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