Monday, 11 June 2012

Transit of Venus II

Down in the dingle where the slowworm creeps
Schoolboy sows and schoolgirl reaps
Love's touch tingles sunburnt skin
Feels so good it can't be sin
Swap saliva share a fag
Here's her sister ~ what a drag
See you Monday after school
Gives a lovebite that's so cool
Four weeks later things are late
Frantic checking of the date
Frowning matron weeping Mum
You've disgraced us with that scum
He's not scum he loves me dearly
We will keep the baby really
What about your education ?
Jobs and pensions not lactation
We will cope our love is strong
Soon she finds that she is wrong
Boyfriend disappears from class
Takes up with another lass
So she lingers sadly holding
Bonny baby hair so golden
Sheds her tears inside the dingle
Teenage mum unhappy single
So young girls you must remember
Put a johnny on his member
'til you have that wedding ring
Make him cover up his thing

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