Monday, 16 July 2012


Esperanza it is time for your fluctuation
But Auntie you said we could wait
Until the new moon rises
It is good to fluctuate Esperanza
Now please prepare yourself in
The ordained manner
Yes Auntie ~ have you seen
The asphodel unguent ?
Last time I left it on the belvedere
And a gospodar tried to slip it into
His shako
So you say child ~ it is here
By the owlglass where it is
Always kept
Do not forget your alabaster jodhpurs
The Prussian Blue this time
If you did not eat so many figrolls
You would not find them so tight
I will ask the pork butcher to suggest
Some slenderising recipes for you
When he brings the sausage trolley
If you are ready we will proceed to
The tepidarium for the cleansing
Do not frown Esperanza it makes
You look common
Yes Auntie

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