Monday, 16 July 2012


Shall we walk by the river today ?
Under the weeping green willows
Lithely ottered and minnow glad
The dear English crayfish still scuttles
Across the clean gravel barbel beds
Pausing to nibble on caviar treats
Before tucking himself under a stone
Away from the prowling chavender
For whom the crayfish is ferrero rocher
Since the sixteenth of June the anglers
Have been dangling temptation on nylon
In likely looking glides and tailings
Waiting for the powerful lunge
As the bronze flanked chub
Hammers downstream wishing
It had left that worm unturned
Now at the weed beard weir we
Lean to scry the roaring pool
Where dace flicker silver and
Brown trout crunch caddis snacks
Then rising engulf floating mayfly
Leaving the bank we head home across
The cow patted glebe meadow
As mist wisps tease the thistles
And the church bells six we
Pluck plantain and fire the
Black tops at each other
As schoolboys have ever done

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