Friday, 21 September 2012

two lips from Amsterdam
Today we are in the Vondelpark
Lo a squirrel !
And some flies !
We love the Vondelpark so much
And come here every week
Except in July when we go
To the seaside for our holiday
And catch crabs and starfish
Today is sunny and there are
Many many people in the park
Over there is the paddling pool
And a dog is in it
Naughty dog
Mama has brought some sandwiches
I am choosing the heron and salsify
I hope there is no mustard this time
Last week i had to throw my sandwich
To a seagull because of the mustard
And the seagull exploded
There is my friend Nancy
Hi Nancy please sit here
And share my sandwich
Yes you can eat the feathers
Have you been on the zöetrope ?
Mama lets me have an hour on it
Every day as long as it is in the
Drawing room so she can see
What is happening
She says there are nasty men
Who use the zöetrope for bad things
But i like meeting new people
And am seeing Dirk tomorrow
He is my newest friend and is
Going to show me his finches
On his houseboat near the Beguinhof
Mama does not know about Dirk
Hey Nancy you can come too
He is really cool and said
I can bring a friend
It will be giant fun

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