Tuesday, 18 September 2012

modern times

Remora it is time for your supplications
But Auntie we supplicated yesterday
Do not argue child
Both moons are visible so you
Are more susceptible to influences
Maisie and Portia never supplicate Auntie
They are from funfun families Remora
They are controlled by the electric
And cannot think for themselves
I do not like being antifun Auntie
Maisie and Portia are always happy
Remora your destiny is different
They will be subsumed after gestation
In just a few years from now
But you will be allowed to extend
As long as you maintain your focus
And that requires supplication
At the prescribed times
Let us sit on the belvedere
And begin
May I hold my marmot Auntie ?
As long as it is quiet Remora
Hush Middleton I will give you
An avocado later

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