Sunday, 30 September 2012

to the lighthouse

Lorelei make haste child
I am nearly ready Mama
But cannot find my otter
I saw him in the orangery
Eating the early persimmons
He is here now Mama
You are a naughty boy Battenburg
Now sit quietly in the phäeton;
To the lighthouse coachman
Mama is Sergeant Löwenbräu
So very lonely ?
It is a long way to visit him
We must look after him Lorelei
He saved Papa at the siege
And since his owl died he has
Become deeply melancholy and
The lighthouse is very isolated;
Mama why are you wearing a bikini ?
This grass skirt is very itchy
And the coconuts do not stay on
Hush Lorelei and practice your ukelele
Yes Mama

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