Sunday, 30 September 2012

In the Castle: hoop

In the Castle: hoop
Mama have you seen my hoop ?
It is on the belvedere next to your moonsuit
Ah yes i left it there after the fluctuations
Is Crispin coming to play Electra ?
I do not like Crispin's vitalist notions Mama
I would prefer to take my hoop to the forest
And show it to the druid who keeps the bees
Very well but be back in time for tiffin
The abbess will be joining us today
And do not go into the goatweeds;
Serafina will accompany you to
The purlieus and then you must
Stay on the path and do not stray
Ask the druid for some mistletoe honey
It is so good for my troubles
Here is a golden wasp in payment;
Fasten your buskins Electra
The path is slippery at this time of year
Thank you Mama i am ready now
Here is Serafina with the fly
Be polite to the druid Electra
Remember what happened last time
Yes Mama it will not happen again

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