Sunday, 21 October 2012

in the castle: exeat

Mama why do we visit the snake man ?
Signor Charleston is an old friend of the family
Who put himself in danger for us
But Mama he lives so far away
Hush Rigoletta and hold on tight
Mama i do not like this camel
It smells bad and does not respect me
Ungrateful child would you prefer to walk ?
No Mama
Mama ?
What is it now ?
Will the snake man show us his cobra ?
That depends Rigoletta
I have brought my mongoose Mama
He will keep the cobra at bay
Leave the mongoose in this hollow tree child
But Mama
Do not argue
Signor Charleston is very poor
And his snakes are his living
Your mongoose would not be welcome
Yes Mama i understand
Here Osborne we won't be long
I will give you a vole when we return

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