Monday, 22 October 2012

in the castle: entertainment

Mama the zigeuners have arrived
May we visit their encampment ?
Why do you wish that Sephora ?
Last year Lorelei went to their soothsayer
Who predicted her accident to the hour
And Winston won a goblet
At the wrestling booth
The zigeuners are giant fun
You may go with Signor Farinelli
Once you have completed your tasks
Thank you Mama
I shall wear my new spider shawl
And calico roof trousers
Mama may i take Gramsci along ?
That is unwise child
The zigeuners are superstitious about owls
And may react unfortunately
Why not take your asp instead ?
Of course Mama
Leporello will be thrilled
Naturally for Gramsci there is disappointment
But i shall mollify him with this shrew
Here child take these ducats
The zigeuners love silver coins
And will treat you respectfully
Thank you Mama
I shall seek a prognostication
For you from the wise woman
And bring back nosegays and trinkets
It is time for your recitation Sephora
Yes Mama
I am so happy
And perform my tasks with alacrity

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