Sunday, 28 October 2012

in the castle: luncheon

Mama i had a splendid morning
Pray tell how you spent it Simonetta
Well Signor Cazzorelli showed me his astrolabe
And we admired the ascension of Venus
Then he accompanied my motets
On his lute
He says my voice is like the nachtigal
Signor Griborino was far less entertaining
It was fortunate that he had that accident Mama
Now Simonetta eat up your collards
Then you may try this delicious tartuffe de veau
The crackling is to die for
Mama i am a vegetarian
And may not eat baby cows
However crispy their crackling
Who has been poisoning your mind
With these wretched ideas child ?
Is it Signor Cazzorelli in the schoolroom ?
No Mama
Who then ?
It is Salvatore the stable boy
He is so gentle and kind
He told me how sausages are made
And the truth about haggis
He is my inspiration Mama
And i hope to marry him
Nonsense child
You shall marry your cousin Rolando
He is the son of an Archduke
And will inherit the castello
And vineyards of Praia del Monte
Now eat your food Simonetta
Yes Mama
It would be unfortunate if Salvatore
Met with an accident child
The stables are a dangerous place
Yes Mama

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