Friday, 26 October 2012

in the castle: thespia

Mama why do we visit the playhouse ?
I would rather view my zöetrope
Do not whine so Melaena
The stage is a much-loved part
Of our culture child
A part which sucks Mama
All of those forsooths and folderols
And the ridiculous costumes Mama
Ungrateful wretch
Poor children never have the
Chance to visit the playhouse
Unless it is to sell matches
I wish i were poor Mama
I would not have to dress
Up like a spaniel to go out
Or undergo your ridiculous
Ceremonies on the belvedere
Du calme Melaena
People are staring at you
Hello people stare as much
As you like
I hope you enjoy the play
By the way it was the sexton
Who killed the Bishop with
A church candle
And burned the evidence
Now Mama where are we sitting ?

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