Friday, 5 October 2012

in the castle: refectory

in the castle: refectory
Anaximander please say grace
Yes Mama
Benedic Domine nobis et donis tuis
Quae ex largitate tua sumus sumpturi
Et concede ut ab iis salubriter enutrite
Mama i stumble
Ctesiphon please continue
Tibi debitum obsequium
Praestare valeamus
Mensae caelestis nos participes facias
Rex aeternae gloriae
Anaximander are you troubled ?
The sun was very hot today Mama
And has fried my speech circuits
See the curator after supper
Yes Mama
Olivio please tell us what you achieved today
Mama i shot a thrush with my arquebuse
And i taunted some druids
Belphagor ?
I am assisting Olivio with his tasks Mama
Girls !
Yes Mama
Distribute the nourishing beverage
And then dance for us
Yes Mama
Orlando please light the flammaria
Immediately Madame
And fetch my zither
I shall accompany the dancers
With delightful arpeggios
Splendid Madame
It shall be done

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