Saturday, 6 October 2012

in the castle: summerhouse

Lorenzo come quickly
Yes young mistress
Lorenzo we must flee the castle;
Mama wishes me to marry Gilbert
The fabulously wealthy heir to the
Extensive Esterhazy estates
He is waiting for me to pleasure
Him in the summerhouse
But i cannot bear to touch
His clammy skin and see his
Crosseyed toad face gazing
At my tzamplichskas;
Lorenzo are you willing
To take me far far away
To a place where we can
Live a simple honest life together ?
Perhaps to Aquitaine where you
Could work in a humble tavern
And i could sing for the customers ?
Mistress Meribelle i am but a poor
Stable boy and would be hunted
Like the pricket by the Duke's men
If i ran away with you;
You must lie with Gilbert
And if needs be marry him
For my sake;
We can continue to meet
And make the beast with two backs
When we are alone;
Lorenzo you are right
I will go to the vile Gilbert
But think of you as he fiddles
With my gyöngyäshka
And afterwards you
Must plunge your mighty trúlltyö
Inside my willing dröddel;
Mama is calling me to the summerhouse
I wish she would not watch

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