Thursday, 29 November 2012

in the castle: flood

Mama ?
Yes Amanita ?
Is it true that the inundation
Is retribution for my wickedness ?
Who spake thus child ?
Agaric the druid's son heard
His father talking privily in the grove
Agaric says that i may need to be sacrificed
To appease the Great River Mother
I am sure that we can find a workaround child
Boletus owes me big time
And would not risk his secrets
Being revealed
What has Boletus done Mama ?
Hush child these are sensitive matters
Which are best kept hidden
Did you never wonder why your
Hair is red as the rosehip
The selfsame hue as Agaric
Candida and Chanterelle
The druid's children ?
Mama !
It was many years ago child
When your father was away
Pursuing the questing beast
Beyond the Waste of Beeb
In those days Boletus was
A fine looking man whose
Fiery eyes and tangled beard
Turned the heads of many
Young ladies in the shire
But he chose me for his ritual
To fructify the fields and orchards
Mama !
I will not burden you with the details child
Suffice it to say that the harvest
That year was of unprecedented bounty
Now we must proceed apace
With our preparations child
The vessel is nearly complete
And the first creatures are already aboard
May i bring Quince and Medlar Mama ?
Of course child
In our new home we shall need serpents
To hallow the temple precincts
But the mongoose stays
Mama i cannot be parted from Osborne
Then you must stay and take your chances
I hate you Mama
But the belvedere is under water Mama
By the six ballocks of Betelgeuse
You will be the death of me Amanita
So Osbo can come ?
Thank you Mama
You are totes awesome

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