Saturday, 1 December 2012

in the castle: advent

Mama ?
Yes Fonseca ?
Why do we have an Advent calendar each year ?
It is to celebrate the coming of Our Saviour child
But Mama in the market they call them Chocolate Calendars
There is no mention of Our Saviour or His Coming
Why is that Mama ?
I have warned you about the market Fonseca
They allow all kinds of people to sell their wares there
And nowadays even the lowest creatures may purchase
In my day only respectable citizens were admitted
And the calendars ?
Well child people's minds have been poisoned by
The minions of the Evil One
Who broadcast filth and shame through the idiot's lantern
Do you mean the Corporation of Beeblezub Mama ?
Indeed child
And they expect people to pay for the privilege !
Mama all my friends have these lanterns
Golgotha even has one in her bedchamber
That would not surprise me child
And the calendars ?
Well these minions of the Fallen Angel
Naturally do all in their power
To discredit their Enemy
Who is Our Saviour and Righteous Stronghold
And to remove all references to Him
Wherever they can exert their malign influence
Thus the Advent calendars
Which are a simple way of turning
Men's minds to the coming of Light
Are recast as a tawdry commercial tool
To celebrate wretchedness and greed
As befits the Servants of Darkness
Is this why even respectable emporia
Have replaced Christmas with Holidays
And Easter with Celebration ?
I fear so child
Darkness bestrides the land
We must resist
Yes Mama
May i listen to the wireless ?
Very well child
But not Woman's Hour

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