Tuesday, 6 November 2012

in the castle: lake

Mama have you seen my goggles ?
On the stuffed unicorn Mimolette
Where you thought they looked witty
Mama that was Nivea's idea
Hurry child the day wanes
Ready Mama
Here is the stable boy with the horses
Hi Jefferson !
You have a lot of perspiration
On your muscled torso this afternoon
Mimolette do not speak thus to the servants
Sorry Mama
Now take the picnic things to the edge
Of the lake by the boathouse
Yes Mama
Thanks Jefferson the basket is heavy
But in your powerful hands it is a toy
Mimolette !
Sorry Mama i forgot
You may bathe now child
Then we shall enjoy the collation
Which cook has provided
The water is warm and clear
There are so many little fish
Here is a mussel
I shall ask Jefferson to open it
Perhaps we shall find a pearl
Mama why do you not bathe ?
The water is so pleasant today
Come and eat child
And do not drip over the sandwiches
Sorry Mama
These are goose, these heron, these carp
Heron please Mama
I like the salty flavour of the feathers
Here Jefferson have a carp sandwich
And a flagon of whey
Thank you Miss
Sit by me and show me your tattoo
Mimolette !
Sorry Mama
Mama there is a pearl in my mussel !
Jefferson opened it with his gleaming teeth
It is a fine pearl child
Perhaps worth two angels
I will have it made into an earring
For your wedding to cousin Arturo
But Mama i wish to marry Jefferson
He is so manly and kind
Nonsense child he is already married
To the cheesemaker's daughter
Jefferson i hate you
I shall have you flogged
Yes Miss
It is time to return to the castle
Tonight the third moon rises
And you must supplicate
But Mama none of my friends
Have to supplicate
It is so unfair
Hush child
You are the chosen one
Sorry Mama i forgot
Run along now
On the belvedere in ten
Yes Mama
Now Jefferson come and
Show me that tattoo
It is here Madame
Oh my !

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