Wednesday, 7 November 2012

in the castle: consequences

Mama why do you look downcast ?
Since the Duc d'Ys visited yestereve
You have been rather melancholy
I am afraid that your wedding
To the Duke's son Dorito may
Not go ahead my precious child
What has occurred Mama ?
Has Dorito succumbed to illness ?
Perhaps the zigeuners have cursed him
Or he has partaken of tainted meat
Pray tell Mama
Sit by me on the belvedere Granita
It seems that Dorito was visiting
The city with his squires when
Some ruffians fell on him in
A disreputable quarter
And he was mortally wounded
Whilst kindly assisting a young townswoman
Who had mislaid her garments
Mama why was he in this quarter ?
And who is this woman ?
How may her raiment have been mislaid ?
It is not clear child
But Dorito died heroically
Helping an unfortunate
The Duke has razed the quarter
And put the inhabitants to the sword
Mama here is Frankel the stable boy
May i ride out with him to the forest ?
I need to ponder this tragic news
Away from the castle
Of course Granita
Cook will provide a collation
And Frankel will protect you
From the attentions of the charbonniers
Who haunt the depths of the greenwood
Mama may i bathe in the Hidden Spring ?
I love to feel the silky warmth caressing
My milk white skin until i am lost in ecstasy
Perhaps that would be unwise child
Instead visit the holy hermit
Who dwells by the Virgin's Oak
Give him this golden talent
And ask him to pray in perpetuity for the deceased
Yes Mama
I shall take the chestnut stallion
Ready Frankel ?
Yes Miss
Mama we shall be away until dawn
Very well child
Tomorrow we shall discuss your future
With the soothsayers and runesmen
Yes Mama
Let us fly

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