Tuesday, 20 November 2012

in the castle: thytube

Mama ?
Yes Melaena?
Check out my moving images on thytube !
What nonsense is this child ?
Mama forsooth you must know
All of my friends are doing it now
Doing what child ?
Why Mama we make zöetrope images
And share them with everybody
It is way cool you dig ?
In my day child we sought amusement
By pressing wild flowers and making nosegays
Mama get with the now !
Well what do these zöetrope images depict child ?
My latest show me doing a dance from Cipango
And Lanugo has made a splendid version
Of the song from that espionage mystery play
Yes child I have heard the song on thytunes
A painful wailing by some enormous trollop
Mama !
I have read about this thoutube
In the Daily Almanach methinks child
Evil men employ its snares to
Entice young ladies into a life of sin
But Mama it is just harmless amusement
I forbid it Melaena
There is altogether too much fun
And idle devilment in the land
It is not meet for a well born lady
To concern herself with such fripperies
No child you must remove these images
From thustube forthwith
And desist henceforth from the use thereof
It is thytube Mama
And it is not possible to remove them
People will be able to see my naked ass
From now until the last trump
Yes Mama

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