Saturday, 17 November 2012

in the castle: too many cooks

Mama ?
Yes Lacuna ?
Do you think this needs more asafoetida ?
I think not child
Too much overpowers the jus
Mama what does pretentious mean ?
Who has spoken thus child ?
It was Huggins the stable boy
When we were chatting in the hayloft
He said you were utterly pretentious
It must mean something wonderful
N'est ce pas ?
Au contraire child
Huggins will be departing tomorrow
But Mama he is a wonderful lover
And has only been here a sennight
Since Grimshaw was sacked
Concentrate on your cassoulet child
It will burn if you cease stirring
Yes Mama
Mama ?
What is it now ?
May we have a blond one next ?
I am bored with black hair
It is so coarse like a monkey
Very well child
Now we must prepare the clafoutis
Plums sugar pastry
Zut i have forgotten the cinnamon
Run to the herbalist Lacuna
And purchase three drachms
Of Javan cinnamon powder
Take these ducats
Yes Mama
I will tell Huggins the bad news
As i pass the stables
Do not tarry there child
The feast must not be delayed
No Mama
A bientôt

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