Sunday, 11 November 2012

in the castle: tower

Mama ?
What is it Galleria ?
Why is the East Wing forbidden to us ?
I saw you enter the Tower of Sorrow
Last night with a hamper of food Mama
You should not spy on people Galleria
It is for your own good that you
Are kept away from the Tower
And the crumbling East Wing
Mama i believe that you keep
All of my lovers there
That is to say all of the stable boys
Who have wrought exquisite pleasure
Upon my willing frame and then disappeared
Is it not so Mama ?
See i have cut their names in my arm
With an oyster shell and heron blood
Jefferson Gathercole Fergus Geraldo
Winston Tollemache Prendergast
Fine muscled bucks all who gave
Themselves to me in the hayloft
I demand to know Mama
All of the stable boys left
To seek employment elsewhere child
It is a demanding job and they
Grew tired of the early starts
And heavy workload
I gave them all a good reference
And a purse of silver piastres
On their departure
I am sure they are happier
Wherever they ended up child
In the tower Mama ?
Nonsense child
Then explain the food hamper Mama
I do not need to explain myself to you
You wicked young trollop
However the food is for some
Unfortunate travellers who were
Attacked in the forest by the carbonari
Who used them cruelly and took
All their belongings
I do not believe you Mama
I found this letter in the yard
Below the highest window
Of the Tower of Sorrow
This morning at daybreak
It is from G-dog and begs
The finder to free him
From his illegal incarceration
See Mama
But that is not possible child
I chained him up so he
Cannot have written anything
Mama !
I wrote this myself
And now your cruel lies are exposed
Wretched child
So clever with your subterfuges
See how you enjoy the Tower
Your horsey lovers will be
Thrilled to see you but
Sadly they are not
As active as they were
When they worked in the stable
And polluted your noble body
With their vile lowborn fluids
To the Tower
Yes Mama

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