Sunday, 11 November 2012

in the castle: gathering storm

Mama ?
Yes Vidange ?
I have not seen Galleria
For many a sennight and oft
Speak normally innit child
Galleria has vanished Mama
I ain't seen her for weeks
By my troth
Your sister is notorious for this Vidange
She slopes off goodness knows where
Then turns up like the proverbial
A month or so later
Bright eyed and bushy tailed
Perhaps we should enlist the services
Of one of those improbable historical
Detectives who solve mysteries in castles
Maybe we could feature in the first
Druid Detective story Mama
An intriguing suggestion child
I am currently engaged upon a feeble erotic
Potboiler set in the household of
A wealthy but frustrated ch√Ętelaine
Who locks up her lusty male ostlers
In a disused tower in her mediaeval castle
It sounds rubbish Mama
But will no doubt bring you
Thousands of ducats and more
If you sell the Mystery Play rights
Have you decided on a title Mama ?
I think Twoscore Shades and Ten of Tenne
Has a certain ring to it child
It will never catch on Mama
I hear that Mandragora the Druid
Has cracked missing persons cases
That baffled the King's Officers Mama
Those clowns are easily baffled child
Do you not recall when all the village
Children disappeared two decades ago ?
Cook mentioned it but yesterday Mama
The peasants are unwilling to let it go
Well people blame me child
For not paying the rat catcher
As if
And i was put to the question
By the King's Constable when
It was obviously the freemasons
Who fixed it for the children to leave
Perhaps they fixed it for Galleria as well Mama ?
Here is a purse of silver child
Seek out this Druidic sleuth
If you feel he can find Galleria
But i am sure she will return
Any day now from wherever
She has been peddling her cheap ass
Mama !
If Galleria wishes to work in the
Sex industry then who are we to judge ?
Since the tapestry workshops closed
There are precious few openings for
Single ladies in the palatinate
Shut it slag
Yes Mama

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