Thursday, 8 November 2012

in the castle: visitor

Mama are the rumours true ?
To which rumours do you refer Belisha ?
Grendel says she saw a stranger
At the window of the West tower
Whilst she was walking Glenister
On the battlements last night
I have asked her more than once
To refrain from taking her pademelon
Out in public without permission
It is a menace and upsets the servants
Anyway Mama is someone in the tower ?
A young lady is visiting from the future
Or at any rate a different tense
She seems to know a lot about us
Indeed she says we are famous
In her own world and showed
Me a little book with curious poems
And intriguing illustrations
Which appeared to describe the castle
And certain of its residents accurately
May i ask her to tiffin Mama ?
Of course child
What is the visitor's name Mama ?
It is a long name which i believe
She has invented as a sobriquet
But I am unable to pronounce it
I shall take her a gift Mama
Perhaps some stork eggs
Or one of my baby asps
They are adorable
And make fine pets
You will need the key Belisha
Mama why is the visitor locked up ?
It would be upsetting for the simple
Folk in the castle to find out that
They are fictional creations
But Mama does that include me ?
Yes child
And the stable boy whom i love ?
Especially Prendergast child
And loathsome cousin Dirk
To whom you betrothed me ?
Indeed child
A silver lining Mama
Hush child
Dirk will make a fine husband
Prendergast has been courting
The milkmaid with the lazy eye
I do not believe you Mama
Prendy is totes in love with me
And would not bother with
That diseased trollop
If you say so child
Now would be a good time
To go to the tower Belisha
Tell the visitor that tiffin
Is served in the refectory
After vespers
On no account leave the door unlocked
Or ask her about the other world
Mama may she come to my restitution ?
I do not see why not
It will help her to understand
Our special way of life
It will take place on the belvedere
When the second moon rises tomorrow
Thank you Mama
I shall burnish the thought helmet
And shine the time shoes
Until they sparkle like stars
Go now Belisha
Our guest awaits
Yes Mama

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