Tuesday, 18 December 2012

in the castle: decus et tutaman

Mama ?
Yes Eustachia ?
Have you seen these new coins ?
Why yes child
The Archduke showed me yestereve
Mama they are totes hideous
For once we are in accord child
These debased designs make a mockery
Of our Gracious and Noble Monarch
But Mama who permitted this atrocity ?
Do you remember that strange vizier
From the far northern wastes ?
The fat one whose children stood on tables Mama ?
Even so child
He sought to suborn the institutions
Of our fair society in manifold ways
And wreaked havoc at every turn
His final act of spite was to bastardize
The coinage in a cunning way
So that the Sovereign's countenance
Is dissected in the manner of a child's puzzle
And likewise the puissant emblems
Of our dear nation are
Dismembered and mocked
Mama what punishment has been
Devised for this quisling ?
Has he been torn limb from limb
And cast into the Waste of Beeb ?
Perhaps he awaits the Question
Even now in the Royal donjon ?
No child he waxes even fatter
On a generous pension
In his cold boreal fastness
Yearning to return South
And complete the destruction
Of our hard won freedoms
Mama this passeth understanding
Forsooth child

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