Tuesday, 18 December 2012

in the castle: shaman yew

Mama ?
Yes Sensimilla ?
May we visit the shaman in the hollow yew today ?
After tiffin child
The Monsignor is coming to show me his new incunabula
May i bring Pasticia along Mama ?
She has never been before and is very interested
In the rituals which i described to her
Of course child
I remember when her brother underwent the manhood ritual
With the previous shaman
It was unfortunate that the knife slipped
At the crucial moment
Still he seems quite happy as a flower seller
And the new shaman is much more reliable
Here comes Pasticia now Mama !
Hi Pasts !
Your facemask is totes awesome !
Mama says we may go to the shaman together
Yes she did mention that
Poor Rambutan
It must be difficult for him
Anyway i am looking forward to the reindeer ritual
The one i told you about ?
Yes that's right they pass the bowl around
And you have to take a deep draught
Last year was my first time and
I was a bit worried what it would taste like
But actually it is quite sweet and slightly bubbly
After a few minutes you feel weird
And start to babble nonsense
And then the dancing begins
Yes but everyone takes their clothes off
So it is not embarrassing really
Although Mama does look like a deflated whale
After the dancing there is like a barbecue ?
Mainly reindeer steaks and badger sausage
I am sure there is a vegetarian option as well
Perhaps fern salad and acorn mayonnaise
Then everyone crashes out inside the yew tree
Yes there is a lot of that too
I hope that Ulli the reindeer herder is there
He is totes hot and can show me his antlers any time
We are ready Mama
Hi Monsignor

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