Tuesday, 11 December 2012

in the castle: disambiguation

Mama ?
Yes Lepisma ?
Is it true that the great god Pan is dead ?
He has certainly been keeping a low profile child
Why not visit his sacred laurel grove
In the secret cleft above the roaring waters ?
Top idea Mama
I shall take Coccinella this afternoon
She is a great Pan fan
Very well child
But do not forget to take a dish of kolliva
To placate the god if he is still there
Pan is not the most rational of deities
Also you must disguise yourself as boys
So he is not tempted by your girlish charms
Well Coccs already has a moustache Mama
So she won't have any problems
I shall borrow Tenebrio's trousers
And Uncle Hylobius' deerstalker
Old Pan will not feel the slightest
Urge when he sees us
If Pan does turn up would you
Please ask him to assist with my woe ?
Here take this golden wasp
And ask his blessing on it
If he is not there then cast
The wasp into the roaring waters
And ask the nymph Aegina
To provide relief for my ills
Why do you not just go to the doctor Mama ?
I am sure that antibiotics would help
And also cutting back on the gin
Would immediately ease your woe
Wretched child my woe is beyond
The reach of mortal man to cure
And i only take a tincture
To soothe a mother's heartache
When she sees the waywardness
Of her ungrateful offspring
Whatever Mama
Here comes Coccinella
Hi Coccs !
Your moustache is totes awesome
I wish i had one like yours
Mama says we may visit the grove of Pan
In the secret cleft above the roaring waters
It will be giant fun
Have you never seen a deerstalker before ?
Everyone on the zo√ętrope is wearing them
These flaps come down and cover your ears
No my boyfriend lent me these trousers
Yes his name is Lucanus
I'm sure i told you
He is totes hot
And works in the stables
Let us depart to find the goat-footed one
Farewell Mama
Yes i have the wasp in a safe place
Laters innit

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