Friday, 7 December 2012

in the castle: wyrm

Mama ?
Yes Lachesis ?
Is it true that a mighty dragon
Dwells in the Waste of Beeb
Beyond the hallowed groves
Of the honey druids ?
There are many stories
Concerning that terrible place child
It is best avoided even in daylight
At night who knows what horrors
May stalk the lonely traveller ?
But Mama surely people do not
Believe in such nonsense any more ?
Ghosts, goblins and dragons are just
Inventions of primitive folk who
Do not have the benefit of trained minds
Do not sneer at the uneducated Lachesis
They breathe the same air as us
And their homespun beliefs help
Them sustain a life of hardship
Honestly Mama !
There are no dragons
And the druids are just exploiting
The simpletons who pay them
For their bogus magic
Hush child
Whereof we cannot speak
Let us be silent
Mama is that one of yours ?
Alas no child
The new schoolteacher dropped by
Yesterday in the forenoon
To pay his respects
A curious fellow Herr Ludwig
But very quotable
I have invited him to take tiffin
Tomorrow on the belvedere
Splendid Mama
I shall show him my prolegomena
One step at a time child
Yes Mama

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