Monday, 11 June 2012

The Price

Now I sing of bankers' folly
Grasping lending unearned cash
Only caring for their bonus
Learning nothing from the crash
Greeding us with selfish dreams
Sowing debt beyond our means
Now they bring the harvest home
Cut the service to the bone
Close the hospice shut the ward
Virtue is its own reward
Euroland is melting down
Soon it's two for every pound
Cheap retsina villa bargains
Hello drachma yassou mate
Lots of lovely flights from Luton
Party like it's eighty-eight
Hear the distant wardrums rumble
Flags and symbols reappear
Thought the jackboot gone for ever
Now it seems to be quite near
Salaam to my Islam brothers
Bearded lovers of the book
Shia Sunni desert oxpath
Shunning booze and bankers' traps
Ladies dressed in flowing chadors
Hide their treasures from the chaps
In the Persian heart of darkness
Whirling madness under Qom
Cunning centrifugal gadgets
Spin the roulette wheel of doom
Down the road their pals in Syria
Killing kids in Houla, Homs
Is it time for Armageddon ?
Something wicked this way comes

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