Friday, 5 October 2012

in the castle: ambulacrum

Walk with me Meribelle
Yes Mama
It is time we found you a husband
Yes Mama
You have spent enough time with your books
Yes Mama
I have spoken to Countess Esterhazy
And she is happy for you to marry Gilbert
But Mama he smells of watercress and is crosseyed
No matter child
The Esterhazy estates are extensive
And attract an income of sixty thousand ducats
Mama i am not interested in wealth
I want to marry the stable boy
He is so strong and smells of hay
It is decided Meribelle
You shall marry Gilbert next week
Yes Mama
Mama i need a new dress
This one is getting very tight
Around my tummy
So i see child
Ah here is Gilbert
You may pleasure him in the summerhouse
Yes Mama

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