Wednesday, 24 October 2012

in the castle: breakfast

Mama these sticklebacks are delicious
You can dip them in your yoghurt child
Mama it has slipped from my grasp
And is swimming around in the yoghurt trencher
Into the moat it goes Gazania
Now eat your dandybread child
Mama ?
Alors ?
May i have some mistletoe butter please ?
Here child
Spread it thinly as this is the last
Until the druid returns
May i give Torville the crusts Mama ?
You spoil that lobster Gazania
Mind you eat some of the crusts yourself
They make your hair glow
Here Torville eat it slowly
This bark tea is very stimulating Mama
I feel a shimmering delight
As though my skin were mica
And a thousand angels were
Brushing their wings against
My earlobes
Do not exagerrate child
It is just our usual blend
Of oak and pawlonia
From the wise woman
Who lives in squalor
Go and lie down in the caldarium
Until the feelings have passed
Yes Mama
Come Torville we must away
Take those crusts with you child
Yes Mama

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