Tuesday, 23 October 2012

in the castle: physick garden

Mama what are these pretty yellow ones ?
They are Dragon's Breath and spell doom
Leave them well alone Zeugma
Over here against the temple wall
Are the bringers of sleep
My pillow is filled with their dried florets
Mama ?
Yes child ?
If you eat cowberries will you see the future ?
The druids believe so child
I am not sure
Here try these spotted leaves
They are Moonwort and will
Make your skin glow
Thank you Mama
Already my skin tingles
And i feel taller
May we pick the gooseberries Mama ?
They are not quite ripe child
Mama is it true that i was found
Under this very bush ?
Yes Zeugma that is true
And Ellipsis ?
As I remember he was left
Wrapped in some rhubarb leaves
Behind the ambulacrum
It is time for your edification
Go to the belvedere and don
The crystal gloves and hat
I shall be there presently
Thank you Mama
It is good to be edified
Even though the gloves
Make my fingers itch
And the hat is very tight
Do not tarry child
We must complete before
The ascension of Aldebaran
Yes Mama

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