Thursday, 25 October 2012

in the castle: elevenses

Mama i have finished this carving
Can you see what it is ?
Why Lamella i believe it is me !?
Yes Mama it is you in yew
It is wonderful Lamella
I shall keep it in my special niche
Thank you Mama
May i pour the chocolate ?
Of course child
No sugar for me
I am sweet enough already
Mama may i have a macaroon ?
Of course Lamella
They are fresh from the oven
Of the wise woman
Who lives in squalor
By the foaming river
I do not like her Mama
She makes me feel uncomfortable
With her incantations and wild hairs
Nevertheless she provides an invaluable
Service child
Her cakes and sweetmeats are
Without match this side of the
Great White Mountains
In years gone by this unfortunate
Was the toast of high society
But now she is grateful for
The smallest kindness
And your hair is hardly
The epitome of soignetude
Harsh Mama harsh
I cannot do a thing with it
But that is not my fault
I hate you Mama
It is time for your intercalation Lamella
Please prepare on the belvedere
Mama intercalation won't fix it for me
Nonsense child
Do not flaunt your funfun notions
They avail you naught
Spin on this Mama

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