Monday, 12 November 2012

in the castle: advice

Mama ?
Yes Perodua ?
Norbert says that the visitor
Has been seen in the forest
Talking to the charcoal men
And admiring their serpents
Thank you child
The charcoal men are simple drudges
And have few pleasures apart
From dancing with bells and ribbons
And caring for serpents of course
I shall advise the visitor
To mingle with more elevated
Inhabitants of our curious land
Perhaps a visit to the honey druids
Could be arranged for tomorrow
Mama i would love to take
The visitor to the honey groves
To meet the mysterious priests
They always make me smile
With their crazy rituals
Although their sacrifices are
Rather depressing and gory
It is not for you to judge child
The druids need to placate
The forest gods with blood
I will give you a message for
Castaneda the chief druid
I am sure that he will
Not mind refraining from
Sacrifice until the visitor
Has departed
Of course Mama
Make sure that the visitor
Is shown the druids' squirrels
Of course Mama
They never fail to amuse
With their mimicry and jollity
Perhaps Castaneda could be
Persuaded to gift a squirrel
To the visitor
A wonderful idea Mama
Take this purse of florins
To smooth the transaction child
Castaneda always sends his first
Cask of mistletoe honey
At this time of year
It is a specific against my woe
Also delicious weasel butter
Which the druid women prepare
When the second moon wanes
Mama the druids are marvellous
Yes child in many ways they excel
But we must not become too familiar
After all they have the right to sacrifice
Whomever they decide is meet
Am i meet Mama ?
It is possible Perodua
The ways of the druid are hidden
It is best not to pry
No Mama

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