Tuesday, 13 November 2012

in the castle: alarums

Yes Zenobia ?
It seems that your visitor
Did not return to the castle
After visiting the honey druids
This is dreadful news child
Why did you not tell me earlier ?
Mama you were indisposed with woe
And we did not wish to disturb you
Quick child disclose the facts
Mama she said she wished to
Draw the darkly handsome
Ent Who Whistles
Son of the druids’ runesman
And bade us begin our journey
As the evening was drawing in
The young man promised to
Bring her to us on his horse
When the portrait was complete
But since then we have not
Seen either of them
We returned to the groves
After an hour or so
But the couple had already fled
Towards the Mountains of Sorn
Across the terrifying waste of Beeb
Where all is sere and dismal
Taking a cask of mistletoe honey
Two slabs of weasel cheese and
A hatful of wartberries
To sustain them on their flight
Thank you Zenobia
Should we send the guards Mama ?
I think not child
Either the fugitives will perish in
The dreadful waste of Beeb
Or they will reach the mighty
Mountains of Sorn which lie
Beyond the bourn of my domaine
In either case it would avail naught
To pursue them
The die is cast
To the belvedere child
We must propitiate at once
Yes Mama

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