Tuesday, 4 December 2012

in the castle: prosciutto cotto

Mama ?
Yes Gioconda ?
Avrebbe un tavolo vicino alla finestra ?
Smoking or non smoking ?
Nell'ala per non-fumatori per favore
Potrebbe shutto uppo bambina ?
Sorry Mama
I just feel so in love with Italy
Her vibrant tongue is so stimulating
I see that the new stable boy is from Naples
Si si Mama Rococo è molto simpatico
Allora un uomo, una donna c'è amore !
I shall have to explain to Signor Rococo
That his riding duties do not
Extend to my daughter
Mama our love is puramente Platonico
Rococo is only interested in my mind
It is unworthy of you to apply your own
Base standards to our elevated relationship
He sings beautiful Neapolitan arias in the moonlight
And melts my heart with his mandolin
Tomorrow he is going to show me his Pecorino
Basta !
Nello belvedere pronto
Si Mama
C'è un tragitto panoramico ?

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