Friday, 7 December 2012

in the castle: snow brings joy and danger too

Mama ?
Yes Pomacea ?
May i play outside with Muraena ?
Of course child
But wrap up warm
It is bitterly cold
And snow lays thick upon the ground
I shall wear my time helmet
The energy surging through the tubules
Will provide ample warmth for my melon
Be very careful child
If the setting is accidentally altered
The consequences could be tragic
Last year poor Pervagor the iceman’s son
Was burned to a crisp
Whilst playing with his sister’s helmet
Yes Mama you do not need to remind me
Thalassoma never tires of repeating the story
She should have kept her equipment
In a secret place like i do
Here comes Muraena
Hi Murs !
You look totes awesome in your bear suit
I am wearing my time helmet to keep warm
Here why don’t you try it ?
If i adjust this dial here the wavelengths increase
Or is it the other way ?
Help Mama !
The dial is stuck and i cannot undo the straps !
Muraena has been teleported to the future
Foolish child
You will have to explain to her mother
Mama i feel so stressed
This is totes unfair
I insist on counselling to help me overcome
These challenges to my self esteem
It is my right
Yes Mama

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